Delusions of Adequacy Review of "Come on In" 7":
Either by design or just by pure innocence, some all-female bands stick to an already proven formula that, in the end, the music might be good enough to listen to but just way too boring to even care about. The Assault takes that formula and rips it to pieces. Influenced by folk and metal, these girls strive to mesh their influences together and do it in a way that's both slick and genuine.... CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW's BANDS TO WATCH 2006:
BAND: The Assault
DOWNLOAD: "Chooser of the Slain" and "Rue The Day"
GENRE: melody proto-punk punk
WHY THEM: Because these three ladies rock. Full length due in 2006.
NEXT SHOW: January 11th @ Mercury Lounge
ODDS: 15-1

Laura did a great interview with BASSGIRLS.COM, a website for and about lady bassists... CHECK IT OUT!

The Assault --- three women from NYC --- helped shatter my recent girl-band skepticism last Saturday at The Bug Jar. Sure they were cute, but the music they played was cocksure and mean... I like rock kinda ugly. I'll get my cute and sweet from magazines, thank you.
- Frank De Blase, Rochester City Paper

...hard as hell's belles ferocious rock exploding from three gorgeous women I would have killed to have taken to the prom... fanned the flames surrounding their reputation as one of the best live performance bands in the City, girls or boys. Margot, Laura, and Julie have crafted a sound and a look that is as vicious as it is sweet and as dirty as it is pretty.
- Jasper Coolidge, jenyk/dot/com

photo by jasper coolidge - click for more

These are three special ladies we should all keep an eye on. They've got what it takes to steal the hearts of the masses, rainbows, unicorns and pop culture references in tow.

THE ASSAULT distinguish their music from others through tempo changes. They can go from a folk sound with thin vocals or the blues to rock in just two seconds. It comes as a surprise. Just when you start thinking this band is going to rock, they start rocking. Two of the songs are based on fiction, three are about people the band knows. "The OC" raises questions about fictional characters in a television show. They never stop to question, how they're living as a real person sometimes does. In the show they don't think about their health. You'd think the OC characters would have caught a contagious disease or worn out their bodies long time ago. But they're just fictional.... THE ASSAULT isn't all rock. It isn't all art either. If you like a tasteful combination of both, you'll like the new tracks.
-Jack Little, Metal Maidens

For those of you not familiar, The Assault are a Brooklyn based trio that definitely have a style of their own. Their sound combines elements of classic rock along with catchy melodies that are guaranteed to hook the listener in. Their originality is a breath of fresh air and their live shows are tight and powerful.
- The Carrier Pigeon Zine

The Assault are a gas: three rockin' young chicks called Laura Leontine and Margot Bianca and Julie Pop, all trash flash giving it loads and having a laugh, infectious, vulgar and tacky and pure and perfect. And fun.
- BP Fallon (legendary Irish rock guru & former Led Zeppelin publicist)

photo by BP Fallon

Make sure to catch the spicy, punked-out, girlish sounds of The Assault
- Paper Magazine

So invigorating to see The Assault racketing through a set of melodic shambling trying their damnedest to struggle with their harmonies but falling off the stage instead! Such grace and humanity, so little pretension, so determined! They were absolutely wonderful!
- Artrocker Magazine

Raw, unpretentious, a wedding gown and Margot(!). Needless to say, I had a great time at the show.