how to get our album, and more!


Thanks to everyone who made it out to our record release show last Saturday night! If you missed it, joly at punkcast posted a couple songs onto youtube:

Sun Arise

A lot of people have been asking how to get a copy of the album...

To order a CD or 12" Vinyl copy, email - or you can send money directly through Paypal to the same address and we will receive your order. $10 plus $1 for shipping.

You can download the songs from iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and mp3

If you want a promotional copy, please get in touch at

We also have TSHIRTS available in both MEN'S (restocked!) and WOMEN'S sizes. $10 plus $1 shipping.

Stay tuned because there will be more news to come in the upcoming months.

Margot / The Assault

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Our Upcoming Release...

Correctly Titled Greatest Hits is really the Assault's finest work to date.

To be utterly honest (which to know me is to know I am) I went through some growing pains when we came back from our full cross country tour. Here is I think why and why I think it helped The Assault create a masterpiece.

1. I came back from something so amazing, so life affirming and then my "real life" hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes there is no escaping the cruel and beautiful world of NYC.
2. I found myself scrambling to get a new job, to pay my outlandish rent and having left our practice space I did not have a place for my babies to sleep (aka my drums).
3. I had broken-up with my boyfriend when I went on tour and my band mates both came back to these great new exciting relationships.
4. I felt lonely.
5. I accomplished my five year plan (to find a band in NYC to make wonderful music with and go on a full cross country tour with) but what the hell was my next five year plan?

OK you get the gist..LOST..LOST..was I. But not in a cool I have the Others chasing after me sort-a-way.

The Assault brought me back again. Why....

1. We started listening to each other. Really.
2. We were working on new stuff and were not complacent. There was no this is OK. It was all I think this isnt good enough because...
3. We reworked songs until I felt there was figurative blood on our hands (maybe a little real blood too..i can get a little crazy flaying about).
4. We are meant to be in a band together making music. The Assault is comprised of three very different strong women and I knew from the first time I played with them over five years ago this relationship was Written In The Stars.
5. The Assault Rocks!!

Our Record Release...

Sept 27th at Cake Shop
with Our Amazing Friends....
The Ex-Debutantes
and Dynasty Electric

Show Starts at 7pm.

Oh one last thing....when I was a wee little girl...I fantasized and dreamed and longed for rock. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to know what it felt like to have people love my performance the way I loved all the fabulous people who were my rock and roll King and Queens.

Thank you to any and everyone who has made my dream a reality and to all my rock and roll King and Queens!

All my love,
Julie Pop

Our silence has told a thousand tales.

It's been so long, so long... and it's finally arrived! Well actually it's still off at press... our new album that we've worked on for 2 years or so, which we have titled GREATEST HITS. An homage to our heroes, whose number one records made us move, shake, and sing. And a testament to the last couple years of dedication, reservations, resolutions and esteem.

You can find 2 tracks available now to stream at our myspace place... Myspace would not let me put the full titles of the songs on their music player ... they are "Splash!" and "Your Silence Tells a Thousand Tales."

Come Sept 27th we will be rocking at the Cake Shop with vinyl and compact discs! The album will be available on itunes, napster, and a shit ton of other digital download sites for 99 cents a track sometime in mid-september!

We hope you can make it out to the cake shop show, if not please feel free to get in touch by email (theassault at gmail dot com) to pre-order, CD's should be arrive by the 3rd week in august.

See you in September!

xoxo Margot Bianca

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