if you are seeing this it means we have successfully moved over to our new web hosting service. why is this interesting to you? well because we have about 400x more space to use so we can put up lots more pictures, videos, new mp3 clips, etc etc. for instance:

knoxville tn photo by caroline heart

rochester ny photo by jason wilder

lots more to come... stay tuned

yo! we are on insound's august faves list alongside the likes of jawbreaker, dinosaur jr, and orchid (!)... check it out!

we have a news page. all 3 members of the assault will be contributing snippets and clippets and whatnot. check back early and often.

some news: 'valley of the dolls' mp3 released in its entirety. download for free = lucky you! we are running out of seven inches so act fast if you don't have yours yet. it really does sound so much different and better on vinyl. you can buy it through us or at insound.com or at one of the record stores on the eastern seaboard who carries our stuff - check shop page for details.

thanks to all who sent well wishes last week to julie & her family.

xo margot

PS: CHECK out a hot banner for your blog or whatever -

feel free to spread the love