HELLO! it's been a quiet month in Assault Land but that's because we've been simmering beneath the surface, coming up with new ideas, new songs, and BIG PLANS for 2006. first, start your year off right:


Margot Bianca (The Assault) and Matt Whyte (Earl Greyhound) celebrate their joint birthday (1/11) by rocking NYC's premiere venue. NOT TO BE MISSED. MORE INFO

More updates to come in the new year - happy christmukah!


THANKS TO ALL who came out Saturday night to see us in Margaritaville - I mean the West Village. That was weird/fun. Tons of people who had DEFINITELY never seen us before... Poparoxi were the stars of the evening however, their set was flawless and the crowd ate up their songs & vibe.

Stay tuned for more shows coming up in 2006! To be announced very soon.


Dancing in Heaven

The Assault guest DJing spot last night at Rehab was a blast. Not only did we play some amazing rock and roll, we got to dance till the wee hours of the morning and hang out with some spectacular folks. I was honored to be DJing at such a great party and BP Fallon is by far one of my favorite Music Men. His DJing style is that which encapsulates his love, knowledge and joy for rock. The Lovely Louise Fenton was also a pleasure with her wonderful rock tracks that complimented the style and vibe that is Rehab perfectly.

Margot, Laura and I let loose and really shook things up - literally and figuratively. I didn't get home till 5 am and getting up for work extremely sleep deprived is the only thing keeping me from wishing I could do it again tonight. Speaking of tonight lots of goings on - our friends The Honored Guests are playing a show at Sin-e and our other friends Roxy Pain and DJ Finger Snap are throwing a Prom tonight at Matchless. And then of course tomorrow is my sisters CD release party which the Assault will be playing at - doors at 10pm at the good ol' Bitter End. NO REST FOR THE WICKED!

Oh this is entitled Dancing in Heaven because I was planning to play it and then one of my band mates played the song first while I was on the dance floor. For the record I do one awesome Girls Just Wanna Have Fun dancing impression!

--Julie Pop

The Assault jammin out drunk and late. Probably to the Doobie Brothers or something. Photography by BP Fallon at Rehab.

Check in to Rehab every Thursday at Capones for a night to rock to. http://www.bpfallon.com