COME TO SCENIC ON THE 4TH! It's our only show in November. Love to all of you.


"it's halloween" by the shaggs just came up on my itunes. that makes me very happy. this is a truly magical time of year.

OK #1... NEW PICTURES from the video shoot are up. CLICK HERE and scroll! Jena Cumbo took these awesome shots.

#2... hot show november 4th. DEMOLITION DOLLRODS, THE CHOKE, CRIMSON SWEET, THE ASSAULT, WORLD WAR IX. thanks mojo for putting this bill together. it's gonna be hott. not to be missed.

hmm... what else... now johnny cash is singing 'tennessee stud' to me. i love it. xoxo, mb


Thank You!

We shot the majority of scenes for our first music video this weekend. Let me be the first to publicly document that this video is going to be amazing when done. On Saturday Laura, Margot and I met up in the early afternoon to get our make up, hair and costumes altered. This took roughly 5 hours. During this five hours I ran thru the gamut of emotions: extremely excited, nervous, happy, anxious and thankful. The thankful part was the constant feeling that stayed with me the whole day. I was not only living out a dream but doing it with the help of my friends. There is no feeling that has touched my heart so strongly in a long time. I felt love and support in every angle I turned. As the time for the shoot got closer the rain continued to pour and the wind continued to rip through the trees. I heard that the house we were shooting at was flooding. The back porch was completely under water and it was creeping into the kitchen and bedroom which were two scenes in the shoot. How would the house be able to cope with the flooding and having 30-40 people in there shooting a video? I felt the uneasiness stirring my belly. I had thought the rain was a pain and certainly would decrease party people who came but I never thought there would be a possibility it wouldn't happen. But thankfully for me I had to stay focused to the task at hand, getting ready to shoot if and when it happened. So we continued to get beautified.

When we went over to the house and I stepped in the door I knew everything was going to be great as about 30 gorgeous people smiled at us. Again a giant thank you was flashing in my brain as I looked around at people ready to make this video happen. Ready to have fun, ready to make the best out of what we had to accomplish. We shot with the party people and everyone looked HOT in their 60s garb. The house was probably about 90 degrees and 100% humidity and not one person showed it on there faces when shooting (well except maybe with sweat but one cant really help that).

I have no idea the time when we wrapped (ahead of schedule - 11:30!) but I do know that we had just accomplished something that made my life better. Not just because the video will be a great promotional tool but because everyone reminded me of something very important. People can be so remarkable beautiful in spirit. I think I really needed this reminder, life has been pushing me towards the more negative outlook lately and I am reminded that my life is surrounded my caring, kind, talented, remarkable people. I am so very thankful to everyone involved in this video!! I am on a buzz from human kindness and I promise to try to spread it around. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Pop

[BIG NAMEDROPS go to Renee, Tom, Megan, Allison, Caroline, Charley Brown, Jason, Leila, Leah, Lindsay, Mark, Sasha, Laura C, Carrick B(arZ)ell, Sean, Corinne, Damian, and all the star-studded extras! Look out for pics from photog Jena Cumbo very soon!]


OK so last week's battle of the bands was certainly fun, even though the judges were clearly paid off and picked the Boys Team to win (wtf?). It was a tough match. But you could hear quite a lot of "Booing" from the audience when they announced the "winners." I have to say, considering the complete lack of criticism The Assault got from what we thought were hardass judges (at least to all the other bands) that evening, it did seem a little strange. Even the "Simon Cowell"-esque judge said about us, and I quote: "That was the closest thing to a rock show we've seen tonight. Good work." Upon further questioning, they actually said that we rocked TOO hard. OK! I'm not even kidding. We welcome criticism with open arms as long as it is constructive, and were actually a little disappointed not to get any.

So we are shooting a video for VALLEY OF THE DOLLS this weekend... Stay tuned for some new photos from this weekend's shoot & more.

Then next weekend is LADYFEST EAST - we & many of our friends' awesome bands are playing... check it out! Ladyfest has been going strong for 5 years worldwide, it is truly a DIY movement and we adore being a part of it.