HOLY CRAP what a fun show. Thanks to all of you who made the trek out to the hook! WEIRD WAR & KID CONGO killed it! We did it in the road! Yes, we did. The Hook is the raddest club! We met some really fucking awesome people last night. And gave out all our CDs... Laura has talked me into putting these tracks up on the interweb so...


xo MB


3 reasons you should come out to the HOOK on tuesday night 9/27:

1. FREE CD of never before heard 2 NEW ASSAULT TRAX that you cannot get anywhere else, nowhere, absolutely nowhere. be the 1st to hear what has gotten us peeing in our pants the past week or so!!!

2. FREE DRINK TICKET with CAB RECEIPT! Cheap drinks thereafter!

3. (THIS WOULD BE THE MAIN REASON) WEIRD WAR & KID CONGO POWERS & THE ASSAULT what a hot show omg - 3 kick ass live acts bringing it to you in a great club (which the HOOK most def is)




Monday morning at work, cubicle surrounds me and today I am not feeling the normal "this is the longest point to Friday feeling". I instead feel satisfied; we created yesterday the Best Assault recordings to date.

When I woke up Sunday, the weather was perfect, the sky was blue and it seemed like the butterflies dancing in my stomach should really have been flying around some flowers. Laura, Margot and I grabbed some breakfast and headed to Serious Business run by the lovely and talented Travis. This was my first time meeting Travis and part of the reason for the butterflies. Meeting your engineer is a little like meeting your significant other's parents for the first time. What if your personalities clash, they don't understand your style or they're just mean. Travis was none of these things; he was sweet as a peach and talented with a great ear for Rock.

So we have our engineer, mics, headphones and we are ready to make rock magic. We started with Chooser of the Slain and by the third take we nailed it. The energy in that room was electric and the playback made me want to cry out with excitement (actually I am sure we did). Rue the Day took four takes. The third one would have been great if I hadn't gotten so into my snare solo that my headphones flew off my head. But as you may or may not know when I drum, I get excited and it's very hard to keep my head still.

The guitar solos and the vocals flew down and into MIDI like rain hitting a tin roof. Hard, fast, loud and with purpose. My bandmates really continue to blow me away with their talent. Just wait till you hear Margot's vocal track on Rue the Day and Laura's awesome harmonies. I get chills just thinking about it. We put on finishing touches and mixed down our new rock and roll fireballs.

My first time recording in a studio was when I was 16 years old. My brother-in-law recorded us in the off hours at a studio he was part of. My band at the time (Zinnia) recorded from 12 am to 6 am. I remember clear as day the mixture of emotions that spanned through me: fear, nervousness, inadequacy and excitement. But when it was done I felt as if I had to be the coolest 16 year old ever, staying up all night to record with my band and making it home just in time to hop on the bus. This was the same feeling I had last night as I listened to our finished CD in my bed before crashing to sleep. I felt a glow of happiness and contentment that is immeasurable. Thanks to my bandmates, Travis and to myself, for working hard and believing in the power of rock and each other!!!

Julie Pop

(ed. We should have some CD's of the hot new tracks available for free @ the Hook... more news on this TK)


Thanks to all who came out to RARE last Friday - we had a blast! Oh my god the new version of DYNASTY is sooooooooo hot. seriously, i was BLOWN AWAY - from the viking gogo dancer to the seeing-double eye candy on synth to Princess T absolutely flawless on drums (not to mention King Misterka in rare form and Jennifer DeVeau looking & sounding goddesly as ever) -- if this band does not blow up and become bigger than Britney Spears tomorrow there is something wrong with the world.

DAMN do we have some hot ass shows coming up. september 27th we are opening for Ian Svenonius's WEIRD WAR and playing again with KID CONGO POWERS - who rocked off our socks at the equipment/sound-challenged Rocky's earlier this summer. I can't wait to see them in a good venue -- and Laura's been raving about Weird War since she saw them at Mercury Lounge not too long ago. Plus THE MAKE-UP was one of our favorite live bands of all time way back when... The HOOK is a really great venue too... a little out of the way but totally worth the trek. Cheap drinks, big space, good sound, nice people. Sometimes they have barbeque and 40's. Don't take my word for it though.

Going into the studio this weekend - I am nervous and excited. It's been a while! We're gonna try to get 2-3 trax banged out ASAP for ya. Look out! YAY

xoxo M.B.



416 West 14th St. btw 9th Ave & Washington

AT 9pm Pyradical kicks it off - and please believe me, you do not want to miss this. Seriously! You better ask somebody. They are Pirates. WOMEN OF THE HIGH SEAS. These chicks will not hesitate to shoot a cannonball into yr drink, so watch the fuck out. I'm not kidding. look! They're on punkcast http://www.punkcast.com

AT 10pm come bear witness to the rise of a new Dynasty! Seth & Jennifer have expanded on the sonic sexscape they presented with their album Black Box by turning themselves into an all live-instrument-act, including the fabulous T on drums! We cannot wait to see their new tricks! I am literally jumping up and down. This is the debut show of the New Dynasty Band!!! Do not sleep. All hail THE NEW DYNASTY!

AT 11pm The Assault is back. Two-thirds of us just returned from sunny Las Vegas, our bags filled with hits and money. Did you miss us? We have new songs to play.. One of them called 'Splash'. Let me point out this is not about Darryl Hannah, although if you haven't seen her work in 'Summer Lovers' then you ought to run out and rent that fine film. The Assault will bring you the FolkMetal. Q. Are we not SEXY BITCHES? A. We are The Assault!

AT 12am The Debutantes will bring down the house. TimeOut NY says "a sweet, peppy brand of smart pop that threatens to be completely infectious." I say, these four kids are fucking $rich$ in both Songs and Style! They are PARTY MUSIC WITH DEADLY MELODIES BY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS + BOYS. I was at their Debutante's Ball and the coming out party was wild! Cha-Ching!

Be there with me!