where to even begin thanking all the people over the past 2 months who put us up, hooked us up, showed up, partied down, and much more. we LOVE YOU

see you in july
the assault


one more week!

aw man, if only we could just keep going forever. we'd be fine with that. but, we do miss NY a little. our friends, pets, fresh sushi + bagels, some other stuff...

three more shows the next 3 nights: chapel hill tonite, all ages show in richmond tomorrow, and norfolk VA friday. then ??? for a few days and back to ny for what is going to be a huge homecoming show. it's the death disco last waltz at the delancey (they'll be moving to the annex the following week), the debut of the anabolics' new bass player (!!), earl greyhound & modrocket who are both amazing, and of course y'all get to see how tight we are now.

**we'll be taking a break from live shows after this so, don't miss this show! plus, its free. and if you want more tour stories you gotta get em in person!

xoxo mb


New Levels of Intimacy Tour 2006:

That is what we have dubbed this tour and I can say that it is no lie. I have seen my Band Mates and Manager thru every light and emotion you can fathom. It has all been very intimate. We have been driving around in Jonathan (our van) for 47 days together and we have all seen a dream being fulfilled in our present lifestyles. Our lives are about rock, we quit our jobs, and have traveled nearly a full counter clockwise loop around the country.
We aren't quit done yet (phew) we have Durham, Chapel Hill, Richmond and Norfolk to rock still and then a short vacation on the beach before heading back to NYC on the 31st for our Death Disco show!!
To recap some show highlights - The show in Boone NC was amazing. I gave myself a side splint from drumming hard enough to be told I could be John Bonham's daughter (wow what a compliment). Laura and Margot fused together on the strings to nearly bring the ceiling down.
In Spartanburg we played a metal club where Margot and Laura both wore Purple Capes!!! Margot and I were both singing "Stonehenge" under our breath as we began our set.
Athens and Atlanta reminded me why I love Georgia. Good people and mellow vibes.

Everyone told me that on tour "we were going to kill each other" but I d like to state for the record that this tour has made me love these three ladies even more. I know their weaknesses, their strengths and how beautiful and fearless they are.
On our drive to Chapel Hill last night at roughly 3 am I couldn't help but break into "I've had the time of my life" as Margot, Laura and Caroline belted in I felt nothing but gratitude as this has been the time of my life. I have never felt this way before : ) And I will never look back. I am ready for fall tour already!!
Julie Pop



so we uploaded HEAD HELD HIGH to the sounds page here and on the myspace site... enjoy kiddos! we think you'll like this'un... check out this letter from laura xo m


here's a letter I just sent to our good friend and master producer, Pia.
you guys can read it too.-------

so, how is tour?

life on the road, man
we love it!

yesterday, we drove into memphis in the afternoon and met margot's dad and sister in the parking lot at Graceland. they took the band there. Pia, you would love it!
wow. elvis truly was an great man.
they really win you over with the audio-headphone tour thing. it's very nice cause you can kind of just wander around on yr own, away from the group, real mellow-like and take pictures and have special moments. elvis' mom has my same birthday.

we went down to the beale st. music festival and saw Big Star play as the sun set over the mississippi.
yeah. really, we did.
some tears were shed!

we had BBQ for dinner last night and then caroline and i got up and had BBQ for breakfast too!

the van is holding up real well! he's the best van ever.

the shows have been ridiculously fun-
here's a review we just got in Las Vegas:

After firing off a few warning shots of heavy rock, the Assault wanted to know if anyone hanging out at the Dive Bar on Friday liked Motorhead. The three-member garage punk outfit from Brooklyn loves its Motorhead, but the audience was more interested in the drummer. "I wanna see the drummer naked!" belched a voice from a dark corner. Whoever the voice came from, he repeated himself a few times.

Now, no one's saying that it's hard to understand his sentiment: Drummer Julie Pop is a voluptuous redhead who hits the drums with more joyful abandon than an Herbal Essences model. And the whole band dresses like hookers from the '70s (they make it look fashion-forward). It'd be kind of a New York Dolls thing except the members of the Assault are real girls. If the band does have a spiritual mother from that era, it's Blondie -- for their disregard of both genre (they turn everything from psych rock to metal to a bloody pulp) and dress code. Most scandalous was Laura Leontine, in a very little black dress and bleached white hair to match her white, headless bass.

So, with a meatier sound than the three opening bands -- the Shames is a local woman-fronted punk band of recent vintage with members of the late Luv-Taps and the Vermin; Motorama is sweaty Canadian punk rock; and the Ashes from California a '70s rock centrifuge -- it was probably a lot for booze-befuddled audience members to handle. Trouble was, the Assault now had to decide how to handle their audience.

In this post-feminist era nobody wants to ruin anyone's fun by getting all didactic, and the Assault are not a band to wear their riot grrrl merit badges on their sleeves. So, at first frontwoman Margot Bianca tried to suffer the fool sex-positively, and joined in admiring her hot drummer. Pop directed the drunk bastard to avail himself of his imagination. Eventually she had to break it down for the audience that was starting to support the heckler, "You guys, the thing is, I'm here to drum. I'm here to rock. I'm not here to be naked."

After that the Assault got back to pouring out the guitar sludge and sloppy-sweet harmony. Halfway through the set, they had to bring their lanky Naomi-Watts-look-alike tour manager Caroline onstage to sing because Bianca was feeling sick, but it was still good times. Caroline was ready for the Assault. Dive Bar wasn't.


we're gonna chill in memphis for a while, we play Nashville on wednesday.

i think we're gonna go to Sun Studios now!

xoxoxoxoxox Laura L



Hot tamale, it's already May! We're in Austin Texas, 7000+ miles down.... been living it. The west coast was phenomenal. We've met tons of really cool people, played with some great bands, gone from 40 degrees and rainy in the northwest to 95 degrees and a giant rainbow over the desert (no lie). The four of us (and our van) have gotten sick and gotten better. Sensational weekend in vegas, 2 shows and lots of what-happens-in-vegas fare... julie played don bolles from the germs' kit at club screwball in LA, one of the best shows so far... margot briefly lost her voice and tour manager caroline had to fill in on a few songs at one show - giving "quit your job and go on tour" a whole new screamy hotness... lots more, i guess you guys in new york will have to come see us at our homecoming show to get the dirt. may 31st at the delancey death dicso with earl greyhound, the anabolics, & modrocket. This month we'll be back a few places we've been before and lots more we haven't... check back for more dates as they are still being confirmed! PEACE (and, since we're in texas, FUCK BUSH. + support immigration)



New shows added: We are playing next tuesday the 25th at club good hurt in venice ca (la)
sf shows are gonna kick ass.
tonite (thurs) @ thee parkside with giant haystacks and trashtronix
friday in oakland at 816 pine st with special ed and bikini weekend

we added a few other shows to the schedule as well, athens GA, dc, homecoming show at the delancey on 5/31

we've gotten some good press so far, rochester city paper, st. paul pioneer press, with word of more to come...

check out this pic from the bug jar show - here's some more

we're in san francisco, it's finally warmed up! gorgeous. later.






VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - Music Video by Selu Productions
Director + Editor: Renee Sniatkowski
Director of Photography: Tom Donatelli
Production Designer: Caroline Yes!
Associate Producer: Allison Davis
Lighting: Megan Hessenthaler
Production Assistant: Mark Ramos
Playback: Sasha Porter
Hair Stylist + Makeup for The Assault: Charley Brown
Wardrobe + Makeup: Lindsay Abromatis-Smith
Head Stylist: Jason Lyon
Stylist: Leila Wylie Wagner

special thanks to 428 grand, luke, and all the extras!

Thanks to all who came out to see us in Chicago! There were a lot of you for such a small bar. Dive bars like that are close to my heart. This one was a sketchy lookin taco stand with a blacklit stage, which made julie's $1.50 white dress from village thrift store look especially cool while she drummed... we'll definitely be back to chicago soon. excited to chill at laura's folks place for a few days and then on to the badlands and the west coast! minneapolis show tonite should be a lot of fun! uptown lounge - apparently nirvana played there a couple times... everyone's been incredibly generous and hospitable so far.. we are a lucky band. xo mb


aiight you all asked for blogs from the road!
we just wrote one, but deleted it. oops!this is harder than we thought

ok, so tour is rad. we're having a blast
in chicago right now w/ good friends, the margs and i used to live here back in '99 - we started writing assault songs when we were too young to go drink and had to stay home at night.

super hot shows so far.

monday morning at 9AM instead of going to work in an office, we drove into downtown cleveland. touring bands get into the rock and roll hame of fame for free, so we brought them a 7" and hung out for hours. we all cried, ha!
Chemistry has been coming up a lot...a running thread through both the rock hall and our shows. everyone says the assault's got it in spades. people really see that we belong together.

aw shit, i went to a roll + roll dentist yesterday! i had a tooth emergency and we left detroit early yesterday morning to rush me to chicagoland. i had called my friend Luli and said 'you­gotta get me to a dentist the second i get there', she told me she'd book me at the rock + roll dentist. i was like 'cool'. i had no idea what she meant. i walked in and they were playing swell maps and there were marianne faithfull and david byrne pictures. all the rooms had autographed records everywhere. i was there for like two and a half hours and i got moved through every room. both billy corgan and the bassist from metallica had been in in the last week. the dentist was a fox! can you imagine? i'd never seen a good looking dentist before, but i walked in and they said 'this girl is NOT HAPPY and she is on tour and we're gonna fix her up!' they totally comped me!!! i couldn't believe it. all that work and i didn't pay a cent. people love us, everywhere we go.

we've determined we're a socialist band.

keep in touch!
xox LL

MARCH 2006